CCA’s 2014 Alumni Weekend

HELLO again WORLD! My first real blog post of the Interactive Era (I.E.) is actually about an event I attended a month-and-a-half ago when I only had aspirations of a functioning blog–”Working in the Digital Space,” a Graphic Design alumni panel, part of the program of CCA’s 2014 Alumni Weekend.

Graphic Design professor Bob Aufuldish moderated a panel of CCA alums who discussed what it’s like to work in the “digital space,” how their time in CCA’s Graphic Design program influenced their work and fits into a career designing in the digital world. Several of the panelists started in graphic design before digital became ubiquitous, and shed light on changing technologies for many in the audience interested in updating their careers. Younger and current students took notes on the panelist’s insights.

The panel included Heath Kessler at Samsung, Keara Fallon at Metrik, Max Batt at TuneIn Radio, and Michael Hu at Wealthfront. They were introduced by CCA’s recently new Chair of the Graphic Design program, Rachel Berger.

Brian J Sherman and Doug Akagi talking in the halls of CCA

Brian J Sherman and Doug Akagi talking in the halls of CCA

I was delighted to reconnect with professor emeritus Doug Akagi, and my own past life as a CCA student. Listening to the panelists share their own career paths and challenges helped me to reflect on my own path, which is similar in many ways to their experiences. A common theme among the panelists, and myself included, was a willingness to reinvent our selves to fit the challenges (and opportunities) that arise, while applying our skills and passion for design.

As I prepare to launch a reinvigorated career in Interaction Design, blogging and speaking on design issues, taking a look back at where I came from helped strengthen the foundation of where I plan to go. Which, in the digital age, could be anywhere.



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  • Alan November 13, 2014 Reply

    Great intro post, just enough to get the palette wet. Keep’em coming.

    • Sherm November 14, 2014 Reply

      Thanks, Alan! Comments are working great with WordPress. I was able to review and approve/edit/archive your comment via the Admin tool. Please let me know if you receive an email from my reply to your comment.

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