From Data Collection to Display: How Visualization Transforms Industries

(Held on May 26th, 2011)

The University of California, Berkeley’s CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) presented an excellent overview of how Data Visualization transforms industries. Sponsored with Detecon Consulting and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (ever hear of MP3?), the event’s jam-packed agenda surveyed how Data Visualization is used in a wide range of industries, featuring speakers from across the spectrum. From high-investment medical technology to assist surgeons perform delicate procedures, to start-ups looking to capitalize on the new wealth–or is the proper word here “glut”?–of data available on the internet, information collection and display is changing our world.

Inspirational and brain-saturating technical, I plan to keep a tweet on the CITRIS center to see what the future holds. Check out the many videos and presentations here:


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