JavaScript Meetup and Night Owls at Citizen Space

Tonight I made it out of the woodshed for the first time as a newly independent designer, and spent the evening at Citizen Space ( Two events! The first was the JavaScript meetup, which I attended to meet some developers and because I want to improve my mastery of JS. The second was the Night Owls meetup, where I continued to meet interesting developers and young entrepreneurs and work late into the night.

Lots of interesting ideas and start-ups happening right now, and it’s inspiring to be a part of it. Shook hands, traded cards, and traded thoughts about current projects with at least a dozen folks, all with free beer. Didn’t get much “work” done, but it felt great to experience so much going on and so many folks in need a good design perspective.

Looking forward to future meetups, and following up with my new “colleagues” on their projects.


Designer and observer.

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