Up Close with Kate Rutter at S.O.T.P.

The Exploratorium, an interactive museum on Pier 15, is a super cool place to visit even if you’re not a kid with your 5th grade science class. For adults in the tech community, “SOTP Flips the Stage” (11/10/2014) hosted a night of inspiring User Experience Design stories amidst the exhibitions with neat things like bugs and microscopes. Kate […]

Like Frankenstein’s Monster…

The ClarityInfo Blog is happening! I just installed a number of WP plugins, and fixed up the stylings of the ClarityInfo Blog, and while I still have a few things to work on before I can consider it ready to go (like a home page!) I can see the light at the end of the […]

Data In Sight: Data Visualization Boot Camp

Last weekend I participated in Data In Sight (site link no longer online–Nov ’14), hosted at Adobe in San Francisco, where we had about 48 hours to assemble a team, devise a project to use Data Visualizations generated from sets of data, build it, and present it. What an incredible learning opportunity, and a chance to […]