Up Close with Kate Rutter at S.O.T.P.

The Exploratorium, an interactive museum on Pier 15, is a super cool place to visit even if you’re not a kid with your 5th grade science class. For adults in the tech community, “SOTP Flips the Stage” (11/10/2014) hosted a night of inspiring User Experience Design stories amidst the exhibitions with neat things like bugs and microscopes. Kate […]

Data In Sight: Data Visualization Boot Camp

Last weekend I participated in Data In Sight (site link no longer online–Nov ’14), hosted at Adobe in San Francisco, where we had about 48 hours to assemble a team, devise a project to use Data Visualizations generated from sets of data, build it, and present it. What an incredible learning opportunity, and a chance to […]

From Data Collection to Display: How Visualization Transforms Industries

(Held on May 26th, 2011) The University of California, Berkeley’s CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) presented an excellent overview of how Data Visualization transforms industries. Sponsored with Detecon Consulting and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (ever hear of MP3?), the event’s jam-packed agenda surveyed how Data Visualization is used […]